Online Exhibitor Manual Software – OEMS

Online Exhibitor Manual Software – OEMS


Online Exhibitor Manual Software is an Event software with swift, fluent and fluid method of setting up events. The conventional and traditional exhibitor manual and show directory in a well-designed and organized online format; ours is not a developed PDF fax back online system. Our Paperless Possible Online System is powerful and dynamic in such a way that it can be incorporated and integrated with the rest of our softwares, such as Online Registration Form Software, Online Business Matchmaking Software, Online Show Directory Software, etc.

Easily accessible from any computer capable of establishing an internet connection, the Online Exhibitor Manual Software substitutes the conventional paper exhibitor manual. This software is an extensively comprehensive online exhibitor manual which contains all show information and vendor order forms; this is far beyond links to external websites and “Environment Free” and “Save the earth”. Designed with a built-in functionality that automatically notifies exhibitors of order deadlines, administers tiered pricing, calculates sub-total, taxes and totals, it also initiates the widely accepted methods of payment, implements real-time reporting of show management and much more! With the OEMS, your exhibitor manual becomes an effective online productivity tool that makes show preparation seem like “a walk in the park” kind of experience for you, your exhibitors, and your suppliers.

With the emergence of the Online Exhibitor Manual Software and other various modules, it is absolutely unnecessary for either you or your customers to install any software, and also, no training whatsoever is needed. The Online Exhibitor Manual Software is usually designed and customized in such a way that the show’s theme, logos, copy, vendors, and graphics that best meet the exhibitor’s requirement and understanding.

This exhibitor manual kit is designed with the sole purpose of attaining utmost simplicity in the administration of exhibitor’s requirements when preparing their stands and exhibits for the event, and to notify and recommend the services available to them with important dates and timings. For a stress-free and enjoyable experience before, during, and after the show, we recommend that you find time to carefully read and familiarize yourself with this exhibition manual.

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