Online Registration Form Software – ORFS

Online Registration Form Software – ORFS


Contrary to general perception, there is more to Online Registration Form Software application than a simple pre-visit data collection. Apart from gathering personal data and demographic, Online Registration Form Software application is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that harnesses registration of visitor’s responses to questionnaires, and then integrate and incorporate them into our Online Business Matchmaking SoftwareOnline Exhibitor Manual Software, Online Show Directory Software, etc

Online Registration Form Software accelerates visitor’s registration process, at the same time refines the quality of information collected. This bring about a huge reduction in waiting period at the facility and therefore enhances visitor throughput. Furthermore, it helps providers acquire and secure the necessary information required to deliver the highest and most effective care possible. All visitor’s information gathered via the Pre- Registration application is then forwarded to the organization’s database system, so as to greatly reduce the time spent by staff on data entry, and also to write off errors to the lowest minimal.

The additional benefit of the online system is the advantage of a faster line to badge pick up (since your name and payment is already with us). A process that takes so little time of about 10 to 15 minutes. With Online Pre-Registration, the stress of visitors queuing for onsite registration at the exhibition is out rightly eliminated. Immediately after registration, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you. Our system is also designed to facilitate and implement PayPal and credit card payment, and a payment acknowledgement email sent immediately after the payment.

        Online Registration Form Software is an essential tool used extensively in exhibition and conference to minimize paperwork and maximize event satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal, “Minimize paperwork and maximize event satisfaction”

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